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Principal:  Ms. Ana Oliva
Vice Principal: Ms. Dolores Alea

5557 S.W. 84th Street
Miami, FL 33143
Tel: 305-667-5251
Fax: 305-667-6828
Mission Statement
The mission of Epiphany School is to educate children to become responsible adults living out Christian values and Catholic faith. This is achieved by emphasizing excellence in academics, personal growth, and spiritual development in Christ. The cooperation and participation of both the parish and school communities are essential to this endeavor.

Belief Statement

  1. Catholic beliefs, values and traditions permeate all levels of the currriculum and social interactions, promoting a Christ-centered environment.
  2. The school community promotes a safe and wholesome environment conducive to learning and to the healthy spiritual and physical development of the children.
  3. Parents, as primary educators of their children, are partners and active participants in the educational endeavors of the school.
  4. Each child is a unique creation of God whose individuality should be respected.
  5. Teachers give students the opportunity for mastery through diverse tasks and assessments.
  6. The school's commitment to academic excellence fosters the development of responsible leaders by cultivating critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  7. The school nurtures the values of social justice and peace by embracing cultural diversity, participating in global outreach programs, and advocating awareness of social issues.
  8. The school is responsible for the continual evaluation of teaching practices, curriculum, and educational technology, in order to provide an effective educational program.


Late Arrivals: All students in PK-8 must be in their seats by the 7:45 am bell. Students reporting after this hour must report to the office with AN ADULT for a late slip. After four tardies, the vice principal will meet with the parents.

Leaving School Early: If your child is going to leave school early, you need to send a note to the homeroom teacher stating the time the child is to be dismissed. The student will be in the office waiting for you. No child will be called over the PA.